Release date:

7 May 2022

Prjct Token - PRJCT





PRJCT seeks to bridge the gap between shared physical experience
and shared virtual experience through clothing, art, and events with
both real-world and virtual world parallels and conjoined, or Forged
NFT, components. The space where this happens is called the PRJCT
Experiential Gallery. In the PRJCT Experiential Gallery, you can try on,
and model PRJCT Forged NFTs. As a result, users can understand what
the IRL fashion, art, and music will feel like while enjoying a virtual experience. Furthermore, when shoppers buy Forged NFTs of clothing
or art from PRJCT, the corresponding IRL item will be shipped to them
or available for pick up at a PRJCT location. PRJCT has a roster of firstclass clothing designers, artists, voxel NFT builders, and musicians,
giving PRJCT an advantage over the competition for unique luxury
custom products.

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