Release date:

19 June 2021



It all started with a simple joint and now ElonStoned is all over people’s sesh. We know it’s hard but HODL your hit and get high with us on this pure herb token trip to Mars.

ELONSTONED is a decentralized deflationary BSC token that operates on the Binance Blockchain (BEP-20). ElonStoned rewards its holders as much as weed does. And community decides the token future together like in a smoke session.

We all know you missed the trip on Bitcoin, ETH, BNB and Doge. Don't miss your chance on this green! Get yourself stoned with this highest quality broccoli, share it with the world and help us make ElonStoned token go VIRAL. HipHop Stars and TOP 20 market charts - that's what we're smoking for!

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