Release date:

1 September 2021

Gamebit - GAMEBIT


GameBit is a new gamified yield farming on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that brings you a new gamification experience with higher rewards.
We're gamified any token and give high rewards to players.
Play games on a secure smart contract. You can play with $GAMEBIT to get 10% more rewards (promotion rate) or you can play with BNB.
We will keep adding more games and more supported Token in the future.
For people who want to make a high APR passive income, you can Stake our LP Token and get $GAMEBIT as a reward.
Playing our GameBit Lottery gives you a chance to win a huge $GAMEBIT prize! It's easy, fair, and you can enter as often as you like as you have the $GAMEBIT to buy a ticket.

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