Release date:

23 January 2022

Virtual Kingdom - VKING




⚔ Virtual Kingdom is the world's first multiplayer metaverse medieval game. You will not be aware that you are in the middle ages in the metaverse universe. You will buy a country and establish your kingdom. Everyone in the game is a real player! You will both play games and earn income.

⚔ Buy yourself a land and start building your kingdom. Develop your kingdom and try to conquer other kingdoms. All the workers, warriors, and commoners in your kingdom will be entirely metaverse users. They will all work to improve your kingdom.

🛡 If the workers, people, and soldiers you've captured from other kingdoms want to work with you, offer them money. Make the best offer to recruit new Metaverse users in your kingdom. If you wish, you can sell users you don't like to other kingdoms in the mark

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