Release date:

16 November 2021

Tres Leches Cake - 3LechesCake





A Cryptocurrency that is so sweet you can taste it, Tres Leches Cake is the most inspiring cake in the dessert family is complete with different tastes. With this in mind, we bring you A Crypto that you can taste. The main goal of this token is to create a community effort to assist the feature students in having a fantastic education via scholarship donations. after all, the token is driven by the community, and the options are endless.

5% Rewards in Cake.
2% Liquidity.
2% Marketing.
1% Dev.
2% Scholarship/Charity wallet.

This v2 contract is better than ever, with holders receving Cake rewards there is no reason why not to hold and enjoy the cake reflections.

Tres Leches Cake is here to stay.

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