Release date:

13 October 2021



Why would they? There are loads of tokens in DeFi space, you don't dump all your holding of one every time a new token appears. You can hold as many as you like. It doesn't matter if the dev is the same. All tokens will be heavily promoted together, they will all be in the same TG group. People will find one, come here then likely buy the rest. They will all be safe, and never rug. I think that people will probably hold some of all of them. Meme tokens can pump and dump if a meme dies, but within a community we will always have some memes that do better than others and some will moon. I will still support and work on the utility tokens, I have big plans for those. These are memes.... It's our duty to make a safe option because every time Elon Tweets there will always be scammers. Lets see

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