Release date:

15 July 2021

Evil Elon - EVILELON





A real crypto by definition and decentralized community token!

√ Enough of rug pulls
√ Enough of Pump-N-Dumps
√ Enough of one day coins
√ Enough with billions, trillions, and quadrillion coins

With our token, EVIL ELON, we want to spread the original identity of crypto again. We want a MOVEMENT! We don’t care about Elon tweeting. Our investors stand above it. WE ARE NOT STUPID SHEEP AND NOBODY HAS ANY POWER OVER OUR MINDS!

Our unique specialty: The Elon-Wallet!
This wallets holds 33,3% of the supply. We will burn 5% every time Elon Musk tweets about something crypto-related.
In addition to that, we also offer some of the largest giveaways ever!

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