Release date:

21 January 2022

Death Note Token - KIRA




“In human society, there are very few people who truly trust each other”. The Death Note Token was developed on the Binance Smart Chain and pays homage to the Death Note animated series. By holding $KIRA, you will benefit from 10% in $BUSD rewards along with massive “buy backs” from the dev team along with weekly token burns.

20% of the total supply of $KIRA has already been burned along with 10% of the total supply being locked within Pinksale. We have beautiful NFT concepts along with an up-coming NFT interactive game, where both can be viewed on our official website.

Our pre-sale will launch on Pinksale on the 21st of January and we will list within Pancakeswap within 24 hours of the pre-sale concluding. Our roadmap has been generated for 2022, which advocates our plan moving forward

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