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21 March 2022

8BitCars - $8BC





⚠️ 8BITCARS ! NFT retro gaming ! ⚠️

First project of Cinutopia Incubator, with its retro racing game and its NFT collections usable in the game will soon rock the DeFi and impose its place in the Metaverse!

The presale of 8BITCARS with a hard cap of 50 BNB, was filled in 35 seconds!!! 🤯🔥

The follow up to this incredible event? A totally crazy launch that pushed the MarketCap from $100,000 to $260,000! A 160% increase!!!

A classic 54% dip followed and 8BITCARS is now on the path to magnificent growth!

In addition to offering the opportunity to enjoy a fun arcade game, while having a market value on the marketplace, 8BitCar NFT collections will offer in-game benefits (Performance, car stats, vehicle customization, new races/maps etc...)! 🔥

♻️ Tokenomics:
- 5% BUSD rewards 💵
- 3% marketing
- 2% LP
- 1% BuyBack Cinutopia

8BitCar's tokenomics gives you 5% BUSD rewards!!! Buy, hold, and receive BUSD automatically on your wallet!

We invite you to join the English and French telegrams to learn more about 8BitCar!

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