Release date:

17 January 2022

Arab Horse - ARH





The ARH Token NFT Is the first collection of premium-quality 3D Arab Horse models. The two factions, Privileged, and Rebels, have unique styles, expressions, and over 1000 other different traits. 2D pictures of animals are cool, but a realistic 3D Horse is what you need for the future. About Us ARAB HORSE Token - ARH العملة الرقمية الجواد العربي ،، في خدمة محبي الخيول العربية الأصيلة ARH .. in the service of Arab horse crypto investors The ARH Token of Arab Horse based in FRANCE and UAE was established in 2019 and officially will be launched in January 2022. Its founding members are among others, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates,Egypte, germany, usa, France, Belgique...and more is coming soon . The Mission: Arab Horse is a Token dedicated to promoting, investing, and c

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