Release date:

15 December 2021

MetaProtocol - MTC




META PROTOCOL is the Metaverse project.

With this project, you will be able to shop with your virtual glasses from the stores we have agreed with, and you will be able to buy properties and living things such as houses, cars, land, animals in the universe we have created. With our game models that we will put on the market, you will be able to come together and play games with your friends in the virtual universe. And you will be able to earn money while doing them.

In the first place, the Swap/Pool platform will be the Nft market opening for all users. Here you can invest in our base unit, earn futures and buy nft. We have prepared a whitepaper for you. It will be updated over time and new targets will be added. Have fun and earn money. Everything is for the future.

Future technology m

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