Release date:

19 July 2021

Pupdoge - pupdoge


Project Brief:
Little Pup. Huge Ambition
July 2021, was the birth date of Pup Doge Coin, a meme project designed to be decentralized and social. Efforts were twofold: create a meme that would provide a platform where people can help dogs in need, introduce crypto adoption to the mainstream with new concepts like rewards, NFTs and decentralized exchanges.
Instant Rewards
As part of the Pup Doge Community, holders will be distributed a certain commission on every transaction. Simply holding Pup Doge in your wallet increases its value. Keep an eye on your Pup's growth with every transaction!
Locked LP
Liquidity tokens are burned and locked. Additionally, certain percentage of all transaction fees are added to liquidity.

Token Symbol: PUPDOGE
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,00

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