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25 October 2021

Gamebox - Gamebox





What Is Gamebox token (Gamebox))?

Gamebox is a defi+ token Designed to be the best blockchain gaming site on the web. The website will consist of games to win money, Collectable NFT's, and games connected to the Metaverse where you can use your nfts as characters in the games.

Gamebox is a native utility token that is used for:

Buying into games to have the chance to win big money.
Buying NFT's on the gamebox website.
Used to stake in exchange for BNB or usdt.

How Many Gamebox Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Gamebox launched on October 25th, 2021 with 1 quadrillion Tokens on pancakeswap.

What are the tokenomics of Gamebox?

10% Total tax
4% goes to the team
4% goes to marketing and development
2% is redistributed among the holders

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Unlocked liquidity:

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Sell fee:

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