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19 March 2022

CatEars - EARS





Initially created as a meme-only BSC token dedicated to our beloved accessory, utilities such as our Curated NFT Marketplace and Streamer (re: gamer girl) Revenue Generating platforms have started development prior to launch.

The central utility of CatEars is the curated NFT marketplace.

Launching first with our in-house ‘Presidential’ series, the marketplace will be dedicated to thought-provoking NFTs which play on using a lighthearted theme to spark new conversations and debate over modern-day topics.

Following the launch of our first NFT series, other NFT artists can submit their proposals to be included on the Marketplace.

CatEars and Gamer Girls go hand in hand. We are developing a platform which will bring together gamer girls, $EARS & our exclusive NFT’s. Tip your favorite Streamer with $EARS. Win $EARS & NFT’s by participating in daily, weekly & monthly Streamer based competitions & giveaways.

Enjoy the streams & support your favorite girls all whilst helping to expand the CatEars Ecosystem.

We decided to stealth launch as the best Memecoins have always done, because successful community projects scale over time – giving everyone the opportunity to jump on to the ship early. Shill, and enjoy the long term journey of CatEars with us!

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