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8 April 2022

ABettaMeta - BETTA





$BETTA token is a BEP20 token, built on the Binance Smart Chain. It aims to serve as the reserve currency of ABettaMetaverse, and the metaverse itself. Just like most other cryptocurrencies, $BETTA enables users to secure online payments without the use of third-party intermediaries. However, $BETTA token has additional utilities and a deflationary mechanism that Bitcoin or meme coins like Safemoon, DogeCoin, or Shiba Inu lack.
ABettaMetaverse is a foundational interface where computer-generated virtual worlds, known as metaverses, can interact with one another for the first time. It provides a digital environment that can host any metaverse in one place and features unique customization tools. The vision is to empower users to build their ideal experiences inside preexisting digital worlds, 100% censorship-free.

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