Release date:

22 July 2021






BabyMATIC is a unique reflection coin that rewards you with autom$Matic airdrops!

Simply buy & hold $BabyMATIC$ and MATIC REWARDS will be auto-claimed to your wallet every hour!

How it Works?

Our rewards system is based on Volume (buying + selling activity to cover gas fees). The moment volume target is achieved, the reward gets triggered and it is auto-claimed to the holder's wallet! EVERY HOUR!

The earlier you get in, the better your holdings are going to grow! And as the volume and transactions increase, your rewards gonna keep increasing ON HOURLY BASIS!!

We want to make you rich and our $BabyMATIC$ is here to make your MONEY work for YOU; quite literally!

The more we have, the more we share! So join the community and invite others as we create a strong and sustainable coin with

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