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15 March 2022

Mercury - MERCURY





Mercury Ecosystem is a combination of multiple of its dApps and aiming to solve various problems in the ecosystem, starting its journey with M.Chart, Miner Ants, Mercury Token and M.Launchpad
Mercury Tools not only does have a token, but also does have DApps like its own chart and NFT based game: Miner Ants
Price Dump Barrier Mercury has a barrier for it's price. It never goes down more than 10% from the ATH price. For example; if ATH price is 1$, Mercury will allow only 0.10$ dump. But you can feel free, it doesn't interrupt trades.

Barrier Controlled Burns Unlike other type of burns, only LP burns affects the price. This is why we are burning from the LP and its the secret of dump barrier. If the market needs a burn, dump barrier calculates it and burns from the liquidity pool.

Improved LP Contribution Current tokens on the market providing liquidity contribution are adding both the tokens and the base currency in traditional way. Nevertheless, our system doesn’t work this way. We are only supporting the liquidity via adding only the base currency instead which leads us to impact the token’s price directly

M.Chart M.Chart is also a decentralized chart application that most probably everyone in the ecosystem is using other variations. Unlike the competitors in the market, M.Chart is fully manageable and modular which leads us to develop new features in the future.

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