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3 April 2022

Algorithmic AI - AI3A





Strengthen your project economy and make your investments more valuable. Use the power of artificial intelligence in the business infrastructures of projects. This project is an artificial intelligence supported economy trade project developed for the crypto money sector, which is one of the most important sectors of today. The main purpose of the project, which develops software for usability and provides them on the website as modules, is to make the economies of crypto money projects stronger.

Since this project is a community project, all data and data processes developed by artificial intelligence are controlled by algorithmic structures, helping artificial intelligence make the most logical decision. Thanks to the community, artificial intelligence is made much more efficient.

Thus, projects use the most ideal and well-developed economic artificial intelligence. On the software side, this artificial intelligence was created using Python, Solidity and NodeJS (Web3-ETH) software infrastructures.

Make the Liquidity pool and holders' investments more valuable by using the power of artificial intelligence in the background of the projects. Have a much more improved liquidity pool than other standard projects, and a project that determines trading points for holders, prevents fomo and provides funding on dips.

This project not only for the project developers, but also for the investors to protect their economy.

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