Release date:

2 January 2022

My Medusa - MYM





My Medusa is a IDO project (Initial Decentralized Offering) created on the Binance Smart Chain network (BEP-20). Its main objective is to raise funds with the help of cryptocurrencies and NFTs to assist different associations, initiatives and organizations that support women.
My Medusa Coin (MYM)
There are approximately 3.811.000.000 women on the planet, what makes the supply of cryptocurrencies add up to 38 billion.
25% of the MYMs are stored in a private wallet, 10% is used to safeguard the project and 15% will be donated to the different associations when reached a good market value. 75% of the remaining coins are in circulation.
Every Friday at 19:00 we raffle five airdrops worth 5.000 MYM among our holders with 100.000 MYM at least.
Liquidity pool
Our liquidity pool is locked for 1 year.

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