Release date:

2 August 2021

Dappsy - SHILL


Dappsy is the next Crypto Social Network powered by an internal exchange where users may exchange SHILL's for other tokens, invest, copy-trade and share information with their community. Equipped with Influencers(Followers) system, Hashs (Hashtags), Advertising System, Crypto Trading, AUDIO POSTS & COMMENTS and Anonymous Posts. Timeline of Dappsy can be found on, and this Pre-Sale is for the SHILL token used inside Dappsy. With SHILL Token you can interact with Dappsy, invest & trade, advertise your projects(CPC, CPA Ads) and donate to projects. Dappsy is the only Crypto Social Network that you would want to be part of. We are a team of 4 (1 Project Manager, 1 Developer, 1 Marketing Professional & 1 Financial Consultant), after reaching the hard cap, If you are a Developer or you

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