Release date:

31 July 2021

BabyCrypto - BabyCrypto





$BabyCrypto rewards it's holders in Skill Tokens - Which are useable in the Cryptoblades NFT Game, Cryptoblades is current in a dip, so any rewards obtained will potentially increase on their own!


16% Tax

9% $SKILL Rewards,

3% Marketing

4% Liquidity

Cooldown in between buys and sells to prevent whales and dumping - At Launch this delay will be 45 secs, and will be reduced/removed on community vote.

Rewards will be sent out every hour automatically to your wallet. Or you can just Buy/Sell 1 $Babycrypto to receive them instantly.

Marketing plans.

Grow Organically initially while building up $SKILL in the marketing wallet which can then be sold to provide the community with a lasting marketing fund.

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Unlocked liquidity:

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Sell fee:

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News: You can now pay advertisement with your own token