Release date:

30 September 2021

Yourcoin - YCN



The unique coin created with the help of the community, for the community!

😱 No team wallet
😱 No marketing wallet
😱 No advance tokens

Rewards❓ You choose!
Taxes❓ You choose!
Buyback and Burn❓ You choose!

We'll take care of the logo, contract creation, social media, but then we'll be just like you : members of the wolf pack.

Marketing❓ It's you, it's us!

Why pay "influencers" astronomical sums for almost non-existent results? It's a fact, the real power is the community.

We surely have influencers in our community on all existing platforms: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok...

Regulars of Reddit, 4chan, Medium and probably many other specialized forums!

Aren't you tired of seeing teams squander money, your money, for no results? We are!

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