Release date:

2 July 2021

WisePanda - WPAN


WisePanda has a new generation token architecture. After each transaction, 1% is deducted from the total supply and creates a 1% fee. This Fee is planned to be collected in a fund and transferred to The higher the transaction rate, the less the total supply will be. Our aim is to raise and share Funds to produce better dAPP and BlockChain architectures.

Total Supply:
✅ All hodlers win at 1% per transaction
🔐 Always in liquid lock
🔧 No Developer Token
📦 No AirDrops Token
🔥 50% Liqudity - 40% Burn Tokens
🐼 10% SavePanda Funds

WisePanda is a cryptocurrency which intends to protect its investors and distribute them “FEES” for each transaction.

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