Release date:

1 November 2021

Classic Doge - XDOGE





ClassicDoge is a pet centric social app for pet parents to join a community that share the same interests for their pets. Mint your favorite memories into NFT’s to share and sell. Connect with other pet owners of the same breed in your area. Discover the top rated dog parks & services in your area. Give your pet or many pets a profile in a community that cares.


Name - ClassicDoge
Ticker - XDoge
Chain - Binance Samrt Chain
Total Supply - 160,000,000,000
Circulating Supply - 143,153,663,640
Reserve - 50% 80 Billon XDoge
Platform - 15% 24 Billon XDoge
Liquidity - 12.5% 20 Billon XDoge
Sale - 10% 16 Billon XDoge

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