Release date:

26 June 2021

Schnauzer - SNZ





Schnauzer is the charity coin to end all doge coins. It is a Black Hole design that exponentially cuts the total supply in circulation by massive amounts. Schnauzer has transparent and familiar tokenomics.

❤️Total Supply: 1,000 trillion.
⭐️40% burned (400 trillion)
⭐️5% airdrop, equally divided among all addresses (50 trillion)
⭐️10% community reward, recommended to purchase 200U, screenshots will be privately sent to the administrator, within 1 day-10 days, each order will be rewarded 10 billion; within 10-20 days, each order will be rewarded 5 billion; after 20 days, Each order will be rewarded 2 billion, and the deadline is 100 trillion.
⭐️45% to add liquidity, of which 20% is BNB-Schnauzer, 25% is USDT-Schnauzer (450 trillion)

❤️Operational development
2% of each transaction is used

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