Release date:

16 January 2022

Meta WarFare - MWF




✨ We’re starting our Airdrop Whitelist Campaign where we’ll be rewarding 10,000 of our community members with 100 MWF tokens each, 1% of our total supply!

🪧 This will be broken down into 4 pools:
200 spots go to the Top 200 Memes which are created using the tags @Meta_warefare #airdrop $MWF .
🎑 Those winners will be chosen at the end of this campaign and their memes will be shared with the community!
⬆ 1000 spots will be awarded randomly to our first 10000 followers.
🚀 300 spots will be given away to those who’ve supported Meta WARFARE via contests of their own creation.
🌖 8000 spots will be awarded randomly to our META Warfare Whitelist Campaign using META Warfare as a way for the community to obtain a WL spot..

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