Release date:

18 April 2022

InfiniteTwo - IF2





InfiniteTwo a second project from InfiniteOne
We reward holders for not selling with BNB. This is a project that will compliment InfiniteOne (IF1) the original project that started it all.
We decided the best way to make InfiniteOne stronger was to create a second token that provides rewards in a different way. InfiniteOne has been a successful project with steady growth over the past 4-5 months. Now we want to provide a way for holders to get some BNB so they can invest in what they want not just projects we partner with. As a Holder of IF2 you will receive BNB every 24hrs based on volume of transactions. This means if we are having a low volume day it could take longer for you to receive your rewards. However, they will not stop accumulating. When paid out the 24hr clock will reset. With this said if you see you have enough pending you can trigger the transaction with a small buy or sale of IF2 and the 24hr clock will reset.

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