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4 August 2022







Blockchain Technology for the Manufacturing Industry

The indu4.0 project aims to take the manufacturing industry to a game-changing and whole new level by implementing blockchain technology and introducing virtual processes.

With indu4.0, a global marketplace for the manufacturing industry is created. Opening up new markets, massive cost savings, secure data exchange, and virtual trade fairs are all possible thanks to the platform.

Industry turns over 21 trillion USD annually worldwide. Our state-of-the-art platform enables the industry to efficiently link supply and demand. The platform standardizes the inputs of skills offered and sought based on industry specific expertise. Our sophisticated filtering system enables a precise query and thus high hit rates for each individual requirement.

Currently, the industry has not yet arrived in the interconnected digital world, and many processes are still outdated and inefficient. However, the potential for the platform users is enormous. With indu4.0, we want to set standards and become the innovation leader.

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