Release date:

9 August 2021

Game Infinity - GAMEIN





Game Infinity is a web3 gaming and NFT Metaverse platform that offers play-to-earn games and gaming collectibles powered by GAMEIN token.

The GAMEIN Token is a BSC based native token of GameInfinity Blockchain gaming Metaverse with a total supply of 270m only. GAMEIN token will have multiple use-cases inside and outside the network.

Token Use :-

* The GAMEIN token will be used for all transactions within the GameInfinity portal such as gaming fees, winning rewards, and referral rewards.

* The token will also be used to make Payments when you buy and sell gaming NFT’s.

* The users can trade tokens on exchanges to new GameInfinity users, gaming brands — or just hold and sell at crypto exchanges later- just like other BSC tokens.

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