Release date:

15 June 2021

BlueWaffle - WAFFLE


Blue Waffle creates value by providing professional consultancy and design services. The $WAFFLE token plays a crucial utility role in supporting our platform’s core features. Our smart contract requires $WAFFLE to function and the only way to receive it is through spot market purchases. No token - no services. 20% of all received $WAFFLE tokens will be sent to the 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead address and permanently burned. The remaining 80% is sent to the team wallet for covering platform expenses. The $WAFFLE token also features a 5% distribution from all TX transactions. We’ve implemented this solution to convince people into buying and holding our tokens long term, increasing customer loyalty while also helping the token find support. To avoid situations where businesses can’t sell their surplus (or the price gets too impacted), we’ve also implemented a 5% tax on each TX to help build liquidity.

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